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FS-UAE for iOS

Hi Frode,

since we have iphones, we dream of having a decent amiga emulator for it.

Unfortunatly in beginning the iphone was "relatively" closed and "relatively" underpowered in terms of processing-performance for modern emulator software.

But recently that changed in both aspects.

no longer Closed: With iOS9 everybody with a Mac can deploy an arbritary app on an own NON-JAILBREAKED device with XCode for free (no paid developer program certificate required anymore). The deployment is really easy and straight forward and officially supported from apple when you got the apps project files.

no longer underpowered: The performance of iOS hardware of the last two years is quite on par with todays average notebook power.

Therefore we looked for an amiga emulator for iOS and we found an XCode project on respectively on

To set this up was relatively easy. Me and my friends we deployed it. We tried several games and it feels nice and snappy. You just get an ADF file with iOS safari browser and open it directly in the emulator app for execution. No need for iTunes sync or so, completely open for installing and try every ADF you like on the go. (We even extended it a bit, we can now connect a second ios device to act as a virtual controller for port1 joystick to support multiplayer on the go with only two iphones.)

But we ran into severe compatibility problems. It seems it is based on an old uae core also known as uae4all version 0.7.2 from 2001. In a lot of games it shows problems in sprite collision and some even don't start.(i.e. Archon I+II you can't shoot down your enemy, Gravity Force, etc.) We know the choice for the old ue4all core code was made many years ago, due to the underpowered mobile devices at that time.

Now, we think the time has come to port the best emulator software especially in terms of compatibilty to our mobile devices. And we thought of course about FS-UAE because of its platform independend architecture and great compatible winuae core.

What do you think?


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