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Originally Posted by jman View Post
Great! Please borrow all the pages you need from my PDF!


By the way, binded books are a bit more complicated to scan because basically you have to tear the book apart and scan every single page. I wouldn't do it with my own collection of Amiga programming books :-o so you also have to find a victim to sacrifice for the greater good.
Thanks - It did save some time.
The Denver/Milano 1991 tome has just been sent to Bombjack so it should be up soon under Amiga Manuals. There were about four or five additional chapters compared to Denver 91, and some reordered chapters.

I still have two unscanned conf. notes left, whenever I get the time

Yes, I actually bought an extra copy of one amiga book just to scan it. The sad thing is most of the better ones are really expensive and hard to come by, like Total Amiga Dos, Mastering Amiga Programming Secrets and Amiga 3D Real Time Graphics.
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