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Unhappy :( R.I.P. my beloved 1084S

Well, it seems my 1084S monitor is now pushing ICcs in silicon heaven. It just died on me. Its last words were 'piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!!!!!!'...

I really got to fix it, I miss it already, it's the best monitor money can buy, importing one from anywhere would cost me a ton, and I can't use my Amiga without it.

Help me out if you can I posted a description in teh Hardware problems area.

Anyway, I will try to makea useful post out of this. Any other hardware that died on you and you still miss? My C128 was declared dead this very same year too... the whole original computer kit is dying on me Even if I buy this stuff again, it just won't be the same. This was my forst computer and my first monitor. You knwo what I mean?

I'm off to cry some more.
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