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I downloaded LoadModule and patched scsi.device, installed them and modified startup-sequence to use them and skipped rom updates regarding old scsi.device:


-->8-- clip -->8--

C:LoadModule DEVS/scsi.device

C:Setpatch SKIPROMUPDATES scsi.device QUIET

-->8-- clip -->8--

Next I modified ROM updates' names so that A1200 is again using the latest one on boot. Booted and successfully loaded latest ROM updates and after second reboot successfully loaded Workbench.

And setpatch gave this information after reboot:

ROM updates installed by SetPatch:
shell, shell 45.7 (13.01.2002)
console.device, console 44.8 (12.6.2001)
ram-handler, ram 44.23 (8.4.2001)
FileSystem.resource, filesysres 45.10 (3.8.2001)
filesystem, fs 45.13 (3.8.2001)
bootmenu, bootmenu 44.7 (25.2.2002)
exec.library, exec 45.20 (6.1.2002)
AmigaOS ROM Update, ROMUpdate 44.57 (25.2.2002)

Obviously scsi.device is not shown here as it was skipped on s-s, right?

On shell, requesting version from patched scsi.device which I put to DEVS gives information:
scsi.device 46.0

Was that it?
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