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Originally Posted by Karpow View Post
They were:
AmigaOS ROM Update
AmigaOS ROM Update.BB39-2
AmigaOS ROM Update.old
Like I wrote above you should look at the sizes to identify which is which:

Neuer Shell-ProzeƟ 3
3> list devs:ami#?
Directory "devs:" on Freitag 05-Jun-15 
AmigaOS ROM Update              321768 ----rwed 25-Feb-02  22:29:58
AmigaOS ROM Update.BB39-2       321768 ----rwed 25-Feb-02  22:29:58
AmigaOS ROM Update.old          127956 ----rwed 17-Sep-00  07:56:26
3 files - 1511 blocks used

The .BB39-2 is identical to the one installed, you don't need to test it. The .old is the original one. You only need to test it if the installed one does create problems.
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