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Well, I took a look at AmigaOS ROM Update files and there was 3 of them as you (Thomas) told me.

They were:
AmigaOS ROM Update
AmigaOS ROM Update.BB39-2
AmigaOS ROM Update.old

I tested two others by renaming *.BB39-2 and *.old ROM files to plain "AmigaOS ROM Update" They both worked and A1200 loaded Workbench. Before that I renamed the update, which causes the problem, AmigaOS ROM Update, to *.new, so I didn't overwrote it.

Was that it?

By the way, two partitions (HD2 and HD3) shows wrong size 39.3GB when I click them open. Formating them says that they are 30GB as they really are. Also HDToolBox shows them as 30GB. What might be the cause for this? Still something wrong?

There's also unofficial boingbags 3+4 available. Anyone who have tried these with large hard drive?

I hope we can solve this before I try to reinstall AmiKit.
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