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Originally Posted by Karpow View Post
Does this mean that my hard drive is not Amiga compatible?

Boot from the OS 3.9 emergency disk, run HDToolbox and reinstall the HDD. Begin with Install, New, then Partition Drive. Make sure that the boot partition is completely inside the first 4 GB of the drive (this implies that it also must be smaller than 4GB).

Then install OS 3.9. After installation switch off the Amiga and then test if it still boots after power-on. The first boot after power-on must work with Kickstart drivers. Only then the ROM update is loaded from disk. If Kickstart drivers cannot access the boot partition, it will crash.

Now install BB1 and do the same again.

Finally install BB2 and test it again. If you get problems with the ROM update of BB2, check the Devs directory. There are three files beginning with "AmigaOS ROM Update". The one without a name suffix is the active one, the others are only backups. Find the smallest one and copy it over the active one to revert to the earlier version.

For the 250 GB drive (> 128 GiB) you need BB2 scsi.device plus LBA48 patch.
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