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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
- don't use AmiKit if you want a stable system

- if you skip scsi.device update, you don't get >4GB support on the IDE port.

- do not use format on harddisks. Always use quick format.

- make sure that FFS V44+ is installed by HDToolbox. With V40 or below you do not get >4GB support. You even overwrite areas of other partitions.
Or use another file system like SFS or PFS.

BTW, 120 GB is not super large. Super large begins at 128 GiB / 137 GB.
- If I don't skip it, system keeps crashing on boot and it is in infinite reset loop. Does this mean that my hard drive is not Amiga compatible?

- I usually do but I tried it this time because quick format didn't worked under AmiKit. I guess this was due to the problem with size limit.

- I have to verify FFS version.

- Well, I have 250GB waiting installation for A4000T.
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