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Problem with SUPER LARGE hard drives

Hi there!

I already talked about this on AmiKit support thread, so this post is partly copied and pasted from there. But anyway, here we go.

Yesterday I decided to give it a shot and installed AmiKit on blank spanking new Western Digital 120GB (yes, that's right. GIGAbytes) hard drive with OS3.9 + both official boingbags. I needed to put SKIPROMUPDATES on startup-sequence after I had installed boingbag 2 before my machine agreeded to work and to boot Workbench again.

After installing AmiKit, I tried to do more hard drive partitions with HDToolBox but I couldn't to get them work with quickformat. AmiKit: (HD0) seemed to be fine at this point but HD1: was shown as "NDOS" and the rest (HD2, HD3 and HD4) as "BAD". I decided to try full format and left the machine to do it for HD1 for a night as it was painfully slow.

On the morning I checked the system. Formating was finished but HD1 was still shown as "NDOS" but what was much worse was that HD0: was now "empty" and it had became to "Not a DOS disk" as Miggy said after rebooting.

I did some partition testing before installing AmiKit and everything seemed to be ok. For me after hd failed with AmiKit it looked like there might be still something wrong with large hard drive support but I am complete noob on this compared to many of you so I am just guessing. File system I was using at that point was basic Fast File System.

So any ideas where I can go from here?
I think there is somekind of simple program which checks hd partition if they are good/partitioned and installed ok or do I remember wrong?

I'd like to be sure that HD is fully ok before I unpack/reinstall AmiKit again. I DON'T want to do it many times all over again. If you have unpacked/installed AmiKit before I am sure you know why.

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