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Originally Posted by Dreedo View Post
Aye your right, decided to go for a safer route and not ruin my A600, im not too good at being gentle.

Got all the screws out but case refused to come off around floppy drive area so decided to quickly put it back together again. :P

Thanks for all your help nontheless.

Might as well focus my attention on fixing my Amiga Tank Mouse now hehe.

Good call, its very easy to break the LED cables and clips on the case. The A600 is probably the most difficault of the wedge shaped Amiga's to get open.

There are clips at the sides by the floppy drive and oposite side and also clips along the back and they're fragile and break if you're not gentle.

For a fully WHDLoad friendly Amiga I really suggest an A1200 anyway, with a ram upgrade and 4gb CF Hard Drive you're looking at about £80-£100 all in unless you really shop around.

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