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I continued testing the Amiga and the diskette drive still works fine after some hours - On close inspection the hard disk shows at least 4 cables that are loose and need soldering - I think it was badly fitted inside when the work was done, as the motherboard metal cover was cut and the hard disk just rests on the cover so the cable soldering was not enough protected -

I attach two more pictures where you can see that on the back the cables look like they were just glued or something to the metal - It worked fine for many years, and the Amiga booted from the hard disk without problems, but you would expect that sometime the cables get loose in that condition. Here are the links:

I booted the Workbench 1.3 till the end as you adviced me, but only shows the RAM and a floppy on screen, so it doesn´t detect any hard drive - The reason should be that the hard drive won´t run as it has too many cables loose - I think the hard drive cannot be fixed unless a good soldering is done -

The problem now is that each time I want to boot a different floppy I have to turn off the power supply to change the disk and then turn it on again - So, is there any way I can make the Amiga boot primarily through the diskette drive ?

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