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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Is CD needed? I never tried on a script, but on the shell, if you type a dir name, the computer CDs to it. No need for the CD command. But maybe it would not work on a script. Never tried.

If it isn't needed, then freeing up that space and putting DIR in it would be good, or LIST. List was useful for scripts.
Yeah, like patrik said there's no need to enter 'CD' to enter a directory, but I think the CD command is still being used below the hood. If this is the case, exchanging CD to Dir command would end up a kind of crippled system where you can get the directory of the disk but not enter any of the directories.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
well in a sort-of way Amiga does too, all you need is the LoadWB command to get a basic workbench environment up, which is just a few Kb... also this is in the startup-sequence (obviously), but not in the ROM. It would have been really neat and useful to be able to get to a simple workbench without having to boot any disk
I'm with you there. The number of times I could've used a way to quickly launch the Workbench..

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