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I think, I just might be looking for this very game, I had the original box and all but can't for the life of me remember the title. The box cover art was of a large metal gate (with possible castle in the background?), the sprite of the main character also pictured.

The game had similar feel to the sierra adventures, similar controls, arrow keys for straight movement, cursor to move to a select spot, for all I know it could have been a sierra game, though it's not Kings Quest. I believe you could type in things, actions to perform, although I'm not 100% sure on this.

At the beginning you could pick from three classes, Fighter, Thief (or was it Rogue?) and Mage in that order. After briefly playing the game with each class I found that the Thief had the ability to assume all three classes simultaneously.

Some things I remember were; breaking into some ones house stealing stuff, being extra careful not to get caught; getting a job raking leaves?; buying items from a store; gambling at the thieves guild; and running a maze (as an initiation task?) for this wizard.

The fight scenes might of only occurred later on in the game when venturing through the wilderness (dense forest with trees n crap) screens which was quite easy to get lost in. Fighting (combat it may have been called) consisted of a black screen with a large image of the enemy at the top and any weapon or shield you may have equipped at the very bottom.

I remember spending some time on this game, the end sequence was of you flying off on a magic carpet, it hinted at sequel, I was hoping to find it again to see if there really was one made.

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