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Originally Posted by FeRu View Post
Seriously??? This is one of the most advanced and promising project since Vampire,.
and I see so much negative opinions or some trash speaking like discussion about CE logo....
This was also suprise for PPA users,because project came suddenly, but this is not fake,and definitely not a joke.
Team is very experienced with electronics and programming and they now how enter Amiga accelerators in XXI century.
This is not typical card with CPU and Fastram but very complex piece of hardware with many features from Big Box Amiga like RTG,mp3 decoder,Wifi,CF and SD slot,stereo sampler,MPG hardware decoder,very fast memory and access to memory,UEXT port,USB.aand few more nice features.....
So everyone please keep crossed fingers,and be patient.
If someone have good programing knowlege,he should contact with the team and help them enable features faster,or maybe add something new.
To be honest, i think the language barrier causes a lot of issues here between East and West Europeans and whatever boards they frequent and in whatever language.

That isn't a slur, by the way; far from it.

See it from our perspective - all we get is a picture of a prototype board with an 040, and a link to a forum mostly (All?) in Polish.

Unfortunately, i think that this adds to tensions, and to the intensity of the critiques.


EDIT: I notice on your own forum you are also talking about the discussions here. Except over there I read talk of jealousy, laughing at us, having a pain in our a$$, and something about blackmailing?!

Have any of us resorted to such childishness? Any of us? Unbelievable.

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