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Originally Posted by 1time View Post
Why all the drama?

If you dont trust it, dont buy it, simple as that!

It is wonderful that someone finally does a 040!
Granted, the drama isn't with this board in particular - it's about the current state of the accelerator market and what happens when things go wrong.

Wait until you buy an accelerator, it arrives broken, and then the RMA process that should involve a simple return to the vendor becomes a 'send it to the supplier' - a guy in Poland who puts these things together in his garage, and whom I know nothing about. (i'm sure he's a great guy, i'm not judging people here, i'm judging processes).

If everything goes well, and you buy your accelerator and you're happy with it, then thats great. But unless its from an established company - and i really do mean a real company - or unless its opensource, you're pretty screwed. Ask the plethora of Furia users who have barely or completely unstable boards lying around for reasons unknown.

But you're right - it isn't about this card in particular, and i'm sure its great, and i wish the designers the best of luck - they're clearly very talented!

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