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Exclamation are not closing

Nope, its not down. Read this; "SysAdmin 08-04-2012 04:11 AM Effective 12:00 AM CST I'm retiring from

Effective 12:00 CST time I'm retiring my post from My tired old bones just can't keep up with this anymore. I'm not closing the site down but instead giving the site to Bill Panagouleas (Pyromania) as a gift. I hope this in some way makes up for his sadness and hurt over the Aladdin 4D deal. It was not my place to speak out in public about a matter that was discussed with me in private. I hope Deron can find it in his heart to work things out with Bill but if not it's my last wish that my gift of to Bill will restore his joy, enthusiasm and hope for a brighter future for Amiga, MorphOS & AROS. It was his idea to save in the first place, I was but a wallet that allowed it to happen. I hate long goodbyes so will keep this short.

Good luck Bill and enjoy my gift to you, please always keep your members happy. I have learned from my experience here and wish all members, mods and anyone I have missed the best. I have asked that this account be renamed to something else and will no longer post from it. Anyone needing to contact me for some reason can do so via e-mail.

Best wishes

- Tedd"
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