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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Well I dont agree with his "Exotic FLAKEY OS" comment.
OS4.1 is a great OS (far from flakey, it just needs more developers and Games), .
I think people are still comparing it to OS4.0, 4.1 is basically a whole different improved Amiga OS.
Just needs more developers... I wouldn't mind giving it a try to tell the truth, but releasing it on esoteric and expensive hardware locks a lot of people out. This just isn't the way to attract the developers this need to make more things happen.
Amigas were going to go PPC anyway, so Im at a lost as to why people moan about PPC.
I think its nuts how people buy macs which are well overpriced and run another "Exotic OS", .
Yes they were.. WERE being the operative word here, they were going to do it back when the PPC was (IMO) a relevant platform.
As it is (again, my opinion) they're trying to jump on that ship after it's sailed, encountered storms, been sunk, and the shipwrights have redesigned an entirely new boat and launched it, and sailed it around the world.

As for Macs, only time I've owned one was when I was involved in high end video production and wanted to take work home with me... that was a PPC mac too - before Avid switched back to PC.
After that I had a work computer replaced with a mac too - to run final cut pro. People (especially professionals) will pay a high amount of money for 'the right tool for the job' - and as far as the video market goes, Final Cut Pro is 'a killer app'.

For that model to work for a new Amiga, it will need something like that.. but... yeah... developers... see above.

To be quite honest I think the aversion to current, popular, available hardware is due to some age-old 'winblows' millstone folks still wear around their neck, and has probably caused more damage to any chances of an 'Amiga Revival (tm)' than any amount of shady underhandedness, lawsuits, or IP squabbling ever did.

Ahhh.. feels so good to get that out finally... now I'll go jump into my asbestos underpants
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