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D3D problems (ATI HD2xxx) - scaling/scanlines/overlay.

Public Beta 8 (and earlier betas)
Win7 x64, ATI HD2600, Catalyst 10.1 WDDM1.1 driver (problem also occured on previous versions of Catalyst drivers), AMD CPU w/ SSE3, dx11 & dx9.0c runtime installed.

Quickstart config (A500).

+Enable scanlines:

+Enable "D3D": (problem!)

I don't use scanlines at all, so it hasn't been a problem. But now, I'm interested in the new overlay/mask feature.
That's what it looks here:

filters enabled:

(Isn't the overlay supposed to be overlayed on the top of the filtered image and without scaling )?

Quickstart/windowed/no filtering + overlay:

I don't have any problems with other Direct3D software (incl. other emulators, Aero, D2D stuff etc.).
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