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Thanks for that. My post is edited with Internet translation. The numbers really mixed it up!

EDIT: Stuck
All items up to jug are collected so this part should be next and end level.
ZA TAKI DZBAN DAM (for this jug i will give you
CI CO7 NAPRAWD3 (something really
CENNEGO0JEST TO KARTA (priceless. This is the page
ZE STAREJ KSI3GI (from the old book)
However none of the people accept it. Also, we're not told who is saying that part. Even giving to wandering enemies before attacking has been tried. Tried giving to static graphics like skulls, statues, pictures. Can't seem to get shed of this thing.

EDIT2: Zoned! level 1 situation
Snake eye & bat saliva exchanged for enchanted jug. Cheat mode ON. Try to exchange or use the enchanted jug to retrieve priceless book page.

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