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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
gameplay: [ Show youtube player ]
Please have in mind that I'm playing in 320x200 window on 1920x1200 display and everything is tiny for me. 'Crack intro' have YM-like music.
You can compare it with Atari ST version [ Show youtube player ]
and here is unfinished version for Atari 8-bit [ Show youtube player ]
Are you running the amiga version with an emulator?

It looks the same as the Atari ST version on both my Amiga 1200's, Title Screen is black and not blue, and blue squares on the floor are the same etc.

With regards to my 060, maybe slow due to something installed in my OS or 060 Lib etc as runs fine when booted from floppy, but get slow down running from HD.

Runs perfect from floppy or HD with Blizzard 1230 mkiv.
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