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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
I bought this a while ago and got around to testing it yesterday when I wanted to replace the CPU in one of my 600s with an 010.

Unfortunately it didn't work like the Chipquik I've seen in videos and in fact it didn't help me at all in the desoldering process. It does melt at a low temperature and stays melted for a very long time, so that part is fine. It just doesn't seem to want to mix easily with the solder, so eventhough I applied plenty of it all the way around and it was sticking to all the CPU pins, which meant the solder should have melted when I applied it, it still wouldn't budge.

I had to use the good ol' heat blower for over 5 mins before the CPU wanted to come off.

I don't know what makes this 'Woodmetal' different from Chipquik. Any ideas?
I did have a similar issue recently with a hard drive controller board, little 8 pin SOIC just didn't want to come off the board.

In the case of the A600 was there any electrolyte on the site because that can make life hard too. One other solution that may work is to drag a line of fresh solder gently across the front of the pins making sure that it melts into the old stuff. I use a pair of very fine pointed tweezers to periodically test whether the solder has melted by applying very slight pressure and seeing if the chip moves.
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