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ChipQuik and substitute

Hi all, i was looking around to find a replacement for chipquik. It works good but very expensive... The last batch i bought was $20 and only weighs 12 grams (0.42oz) First of all i had to find out what chipquik is actually made of and i found that it is comprised of different metals in a specific ratio that leads to the low melting point. Once i found that out i then went on ebay and i found this...

It weighs 3lbs (1361 grams) and has a low melting point of 158 deg F and costs $40. Therefore you get 113 times more than the $20 chipquik at only double the price. The melting point is a little higher than chipquik but it will still do the job at a safe temperature for smd removal.

For those people that do a lot of SMD work this would be ideal. You would have to scrape bits off the block but a small price to pay for the purchase price.
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