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Shoot!! Just realised coverdisks started at issue 13, not issue 1, so thought 1-12 were missing but they're not!! looked at the AMR cover disk index and some that are not on the server are available for download?

So, looking again on the server I see these disks missing:

Disk 2: James Pond/Horror Zombies from the Crypt
Disk 6: Ilyad Full Game
Disk 7: Armour-Geddon Demo
Disk 10: R-Type II Demo
Disk 19: Baby Jo/Another World
Disk 22:Thunder Burner Demo

Can someone confirm which disks are indeed missing from Disks 1 - 24!!

Have checked Disks 2,6,7 & 10 and all use some form of custom MFM so probably why no ADF's exist. SPS has Disk 6 as #1944 but no others. I can dump using Kryoflux any of these disks (1 - 24) for SPS if needed.

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