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Eishockey Manager German

I have some questions about this game.
I am again confused after checking TOSEC sets and comparing this sets with
the IPF release.
I am not a cracker/coder, so i am asking, who is wrong?
I am nearly sure there is no physical protection on IPF release, because i am able to convert IPF to ADF without any error message.

Eishockey Manager v1.00 (1993-04-12)(Software 2000)(DE)[cr DCD] ADF
compared against
Eishockey Manager v1.00 (1993-04-12)(Software 2000)(DE)[2062] IPF

There is no difference, except the crackintro, the main executable is exactly the same (crc32), also all other files(crc32)
"Decade" claims this release as cracked.
So my question, is it possible that the crackintro includes some code, which makes the game cracked, if i would remove the crackintro the game isnt cracked anymore.
I have also compared with "TRSI" release/crack and there has the main executable different crc32(maybe removed manual check or similar)

Maybe some coders or former crackers can help or give some general info.
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