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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
The best person to answer that question would be Thomas Richter. He has not turned to the dark side yet. His e-mail is the same as in all his mu programs on Aminet or you could post your question on which he frequents. I take it that the information was not in the 68040 User Manual? You could always find out by testing.
I don't post in other Amiga related forums, sorry. Thomas probably knows, thanks

User manual is quite useless in this situation. I don't have a 68040.

Originally Posted by Wepl View Post
I assume:
in supervisor it will lock the machine by a double bus fault
Double bus fault even if current exception is non-bus exception? (too lazy to check manuals just now..)

in user mode it will create standard format $7 frame with wb2 set and pc will point to the destination address of bsr/jsr

if you are interested on the stack frame generated I could test it here
That is what Aranym does but because most programs won't care (even netbsd and linux) I only trust real CPUs.

Please check it if you really feel bored enough
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