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Hi man!
After using this A600 all day today I can say I am amazed I ever worked in such a slow environment :P I guess I Am spoiled by my 030 A1200! So I don't know how much of a reason would exist behind making an A600 workbench install.

Anyway, it looks better in pics than IRL, it's quite yellowed. But it's been my Amiga since 1993 and I deeply apreciate that.

The machine has a hard drive that still spins to life (incredible!), and I got a CF adapter for it but all it does is lock up the machine. I wonder if it is the adapter or the card... I did try with another card, same results (a hum on the screen)

Also, and this is weird, when the machine has no hard drive activity, I can see a hum onscreen, like a refresh bar or something. When it reads the HD, it goes away. Maybe oneof the caps is not of the exact same type?
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