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Well, it´s an easy view of a complex question.
Drivers cannot surpass hardware limitations of the AMIGA pcmcia port. (In fact, some drivers can patch some flawless but always you ends with some limits.)
The XIRCOM cards needs some signals and timings the amiga cant cope with.
If you look in aminet, the most generic driver available for pcmcia cards in amiga is CNET.DEVICE, it covers a wide range of NE2000 compatible cards.
Anyway, is better to test the card in your miggy before buy, because some cards listed like compatibles may fail to work in some soft/hard setups.
The other dirver available is the 3c589.device, this one is oriented to the range of 3com 3c5xx cards (read the docs) and, as i say you before, is the solution that works for me.
Again i suggest you to discard the xircom cards (i have tried myself almost 12 different cards of this brand in my amigas and none works).
And believe me, with the efforts pulled in amiga networking from the past years i think if the driver was viable, surelly it would exists by now, so don´t expect a miracle!!
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