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Dr. Dude : don´t do it. I have done a little business in buying and selling pcmcia cards for laptops or Amiga 1200. It is hard to get the correct cables, and don´t think of ´one cable fits all cards´ !! I´ve got here three different cables for three different cards and they all are different !!
This is a 3Com card I have sold almost a month ago and it should work on an A1200. The location of the driver can be found in my add and it indeed on Aminet. But I can´t understand why shops ask 25+ euro for a card that laptop owners don´t even pay 10 euro for ...

Also this : avoid Xircom cards 10 Mbit !! The will NOT work on Amiga´s because of their different pcmcia standard ... tried it, Amiga just hanged ...
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