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Originally Posted by BippyM View Post
So what you're saying that the end user isn't entitled to know what a game may or may not be like before they pay out? That uprating your own game review, and down rating others is morally okay? It's smoke and mirrors isn't it. I have no doubt that some of these games are going to be outstanding, and worth every penny... Others... Nah, not so much!

That's not even remotely what I am saying, and I don't think that anything I've written can be taken as me being of that opinion. As far as I can tell I've not commented on those concernes at all..

But as you bring it up, no I'm not sure I think people are ENTITLED to know anything, not in the way I understand the word (but please note that english is not my first language). It's up to us the consumers to gather information and decide wether ot not to buy a game. If there is insufficient information then I wouldn't buy a game. It's in the publishers best interest to get the word out there, and to make sure that that information is as transparently unbias as possible. As we can see here..
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