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so this is my take:
the ROI [return of investment] from the time and resources spent on doing a retrogame is a thorny issue that i did experienced firsthand with some games i made music on; however is true that Amiga community does not have the physical numbers to guarantee one; in the past i thought that providing some kind of encapsulation of the game in an emulator (possibly powered by AROS roms, as seen in the and selling of other platforms on steam plus other stores at a nominal price could provide both a funding and exposure; however i know there are licensing issues with the emulators to do that legally. In example right now R3D team is working on a version of Bridge Strike for android and Switch that is remade from scratch with a new engine.

For digital downloads i think the price area of 5 to 10 euros is fine, physical is another kettle of fish, however and i have no solutions for that beside going towards cheaper packages like a DVD jewel case and laser printing to keep costs low...
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