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Originally Posted by Overmann View Post
People can charge what they want for the product they make. If it's too high people won't buy it. They can then choose to lower the price or sell their next product cheaper.

I think it's fantastic tht people are taking the time to make new games for the amiga, and I think the quality has really gone up in recent years. I am more then a little stunned by how this discussion has been going. This kind of angry namecalling and childishness was what drove me from back in the day.

If you think a thing is too expensive then just don't guy it. This is a small enough hobby as it is. Why are you calling out people on a public forum? Everyone making and selling stuff for the amiga are just trying to contribute. Noone is scheeming to get rich off of amiga-users' gullability!

Then let people get upset..
I agree totally with buying or not buying. Reread what i have said..

So what you're saying that the end user isn't entitled to know what a game may or may not be like before they pay out? That uprating your own game review, and down rating others is morally okay? It's smoke and mirrors isn't it. I have no doubt that some of these games are going to be outstanding, and worth every penny... Others... Nah, not so much!

There are many influential people in the Amiga world, who won't drool over a new release simply because it is a new release, and will be honest in their review of the game. These are the people who could receive a small demo and review a game fairly. Hell these people can even help by being a non objective beta tester with feedback.. However this is pointless if the developer won't listen to feedback.

Just because a game is released at 10/20/30 £$€ etc doesn't mean it is worth that, and users have every right in 2020 as they did in 1992 to know if something is shit before splashing out.. I've digressed a little off topic here.. But you get my gist i hope
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