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For me there are the following issues:
  • Price of the digital downloads is not really reasonable if you ask me. Again this is my personal opinion, and I am more than allowed to have an opinion, and to air that opinion in public. Just like I do when I go to the cinema and a coke is 5quid, yet I can buy a bottle for 1.50 in a normal shop.
  • The fact the developer doesn't like other people having an opinion and airing it, then when it doesn't go his way he thinks crying to the boss will make a difference. This is a free, public forum, and every member is entitled to their own opinion, and is entitled to air that opinion. Does Sony go running to Twitter/FB bosses etc when their product is slagged off during production???? nope, didn't think so!! He needs to grow some thicker skin!
  • The way the developer thinks it is okay to post a ridiculously short video, showing his game running on a real amiga, then says if anyone wants to know why it is important they have to go to his patreon and support him... What utter bollox.. Just narrate the fucking video and give your patreons something actually worth their money, and not something so ridiculous as to why it is important to run on a real Amiga.. Good lord, it's a fucking Amiga game, of course it needs to run on the real deal!!!!
  • The fact there are excuses to "Justify" the ridiculous digital download cost.. What was it "Publisher/Distributor deals with all taxes".. Is he really going to sell THAT many copies in each country to actually touch any minimum tax thresholds??? Come on.. It's an Amiga, not PS4/Xbox/Switch/Steam etc.. He will never sell that many copies, especially at $30.. He stands to lose money with it being pirated!
  • I don't have an issue with the boxed editions, they cost money to produce, and the price seems fair after seeing the costs involved... I don't for a millisecond believe digital overheads are anywhere near to those of a physical copy..
  • Using his own publication to review his own game highly, and then down review other games. This is not subjective, and stinks. He clearly feels threatened or has no confidence in his product.
  • Comparing any modern title with titles from the 90's is perfectly relevant when the seller is asking for payment. Take that Puzznic clone for example. Why can I not compare it to Puzznic?? They're asking for a considerable amount of money for a mediocre, barely PD quality clone.. Again I am perfectly entitled to my opinion, and I am perfectly entitled to share that opinion. If the developers don't like it then... Well tough!

I appreciate that feelings and opinions run high on this subject, but for me it isn't just cut and dry, it isn't just about pricing and what I think is good value for money. It is also about the bad practices of a developer, who clearly feels threatened and doesn't have confidence in his own product. Should the game released be outstanding, should it destroy the games of yesteryear, should it stand head and shoulders above the competition, then.. Well he has absolutely nothing to worry about does he, in which case he needs to just crack on with his game, stop whining when something negative or challenging is said and prove the neysayers wrong, because frankly this has been rumbling for around 2-3 months now, and I am sick of it, and bored of it.

I have absolutely no personal grievance with any member of this forum, and Richard/buzzybee falls into that same category. I look at it from a non objective perspective because I wont play this game, I haven't played any other newer games, and I probably wont. I will however say what I see without those rose tinted, blinkered goggles a lot of other amiga enthusiasts wear.. I am sorry, but that is how it is!!

If as a user you want to part with your money, feel free. Go ahead. If you don't then well don't.
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