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Originally Posted by vroom6sri View Post

Incidentally, I just got to thinking of inflation and a quick visit to suggests £20 in 1995 is close to £40 now so are these prices actually comparable to 90s prices once inflation is taken into account?
Doesn’t really work with video/computer games, for example some SNES games were £60 in 1992 (close to £120 in todays money) some Switch games now are £50 - only 41.67% of the price in comparison.

If you reverse that, and say a commercial Amiga game was £26 in 1991 (£52 in todays money) in comparison to the above (41.67%), a commercial Amiga game should cost around £10.83 today.

Of course there are a number of factors, one the console market has quadrupled over the last 20 years, two the cost is reduced by not using cartridges. But even taking the latter out and comparing to CD games, the prices of games have still dropped massively.

But i guess some people do feel uncomfortable paying more for a new Amiga game than a new console game when years ago Amiga games used to be less than half the price of console games.
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