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I can't get XWE editor 1.16 to work on Win 10: I keep getting errors (list index out of bound ---> crash)

Without it I cannot unpack EYE.RES (the package of EoB 3 data files)

But it turns out I do have already all the game files unpacked (I don't remember if they came that way or I did it at some point).

the chargen directory contains the CSP files for the interface, and a portrait .bmp file, that I cannopt however open with anything (it's not a known kind of bmp file).

Can you confirm the part about the bmp file? Or your copy is viewable?


If there was a way to easily unpack export and repack graphics and palettes from EYE res, I would gladly rehaul basically every graphic that wasn't borrowed from Westwood; many of the new ones indeed are crappy. (by memory: the "books", the new portraits, the garbled splashes of random pixels for "bushes"... in general, no unifying sense or consistency with the new pixelart).

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