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Originally Posted by lesta_smsc View Post
Great work guys! I wonder what other projects are hidden in the hard drive waiting to be unleashed!?

Just out of curiosity, how do you start about conversion? Do you have game source or reverse engineer it from original disk inc strip out sprites?

Music sounds great. I liked the intro too... Scoopex release lol.
With the exception of Putty Squad, i've never had the source code to any of the conversions i've done, and neither has Meynaf, Asman or anyone else thats done a recent conversion.

Others do it slightly differently than me, most resource the original binary executable to return it to source code, and then work from that.

Me, I take the executable binary and I hack from the binary itself.

Most old Atari ST games are written the same way, an executable with all the game code, and usually loads up graphics from separate files.

I pick my conversions quite carefully after the debacle that was Super Sprint. That was a VERY system intensively written game, which means more system calls, and certainly more than I could comfortably interpret, as my experience with the ST wasn't very high at the time, its quite a bit better now! So I generally pick games that are coded more similarly to most Amiga games, i.e. they might use a little bit of system to load some files, but usually once thats done, the system is then not used and its all "hardware" banging from that moment on.

Certainly easier to spot the palette stuff, screen base address stuff, for me at least.

Some games are quite easy to work around, others are highly irritating, French games are usually quite irritating, Meynaf is welcome to as many of those as he wants lol
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