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Originally Posted by Nightshft View Post
I always really liked "Rise of the Dragon".
Wow man, never even heard about this game, and now when I see it on youtube, it looks absolutely amazing. That graphics is stunning.
Gotta try it sometime.

Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
Ha ha, pretty sure you meant to say "genres" there
Yeah man sorry.
My grammar sucks!

Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Probably not the vintage being considered, but Descent: Freespace has a very good story that gets told as you progress through the game. At some points, the story takes different paths too depending on the outcome of certain missions.
Yeah mate, why not?
Never had any close hardware to play it, but I saw it on the youtube and looks to me very interesting.
Wing Commander also had 2 different paths, and even your companions could die that would make in-between missions slightly different.
I will probably play this on Winuae, because I love arcade space sims pretty much.
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