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While Falcons are quite rare, I would hope that Amigas aren't. Then again, 68060 probably wasn't a very common expansion back in the day either.

I wasn't aware I could get 68060 in A1200 for under a $1,000 - that sounds pretty great. I guess I will start browsing eBay...

As for UAE - my point is that when you're developing you wanna be sure your code performs as close as possible to the actual HW, as the last thing you want is for your effect to run at 20 fps in emulator, but 2 fps on real HW...

As of this very moment, the Jaguar demo I'm working on, I have a set-up that deploys directly from Notepad++ into Jag's skunkboard upon hitting F5 - but developing against emulator has numerous advantages with regards to debugging.

Because I don't want to constantly keep turning the thing on and off daily, I just keep the jag running 24/7 (as I have a spare one as a backup). Not sure how well would that work with A1200 and how long would it survive such abuse...
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