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You can install Lakka - for any kind of emulation...

ETA Prime has tutorial how to install it, and he tested most of emulators...

[ Show youtube player ]

He also covers how to install RetroPie on RPi4

[ Show youtube player ]

I have all other RPi, and still don't see enough reasons to upgrade to RPi4. I have RPi3 running as server, having ubiquity and pi-hole installed on it. RPi3+ is my main retropie/amiberry setup (2 x 32GB mSD cards).

I have one RPi3 being used as desktop, but very rarely. At the moment I have RPi1 and RPi2+ that are not being used, but might be used if I find an old C64 or similar keyboard or broken computer.

At work I installed 2 internet kiosks with RPi3 and we have 3 RPi with cameras, working together with motioneye software.

There are so many ways to use RPi today, so many nice projects... and best of all, they don't use much of power to run all the time.
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