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Originally Posted by 005AGIMA View Post
For the hell of it...

The Scenario is...the year is 1992, and based on my real life.

You have a 1989 A500 with 1MB Ram (not an A500+)

What I actually did back then was:

1) Sell the Amiga and all the games for ~£250 (from memory) and buy a used 386DX with 4MB Ram, 60MB HDD, and Monitor for ~£350, and a little later, add an SB16 for ~£85? (what I actually did but memory is fuzzy on the actual amounts).
This is a change over budget of £235
I do not understand your calculation.

You paid (price for the A500) + £100 + £85 für the new hardware (and lost all software)

So the change over budgets would be £185 if you keep your A500
or up to £435 in total, if you sell the A500.

For £435 you would have certainly got a nice A1200 with fast ram and HD.

Well: the problem in your move is certainly the total neglection of software costs ... people wouldn't have switched platforms that easily back than without piracy...
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