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Originally Posted by Bruce Abbott View Post
32 16-bit 44.1kHz hardware channels would be pretty useless if none of your games used them, and even more useless if it couldn't even emulate the original Paula sound properly.
Of course the old already existing games wouldn't use them but the new games could use them. Similar to having more RAM available or a HD instead of floppies. An Paula upgrade would work with the old 4 channels Paula. Maybe native without the need of emulation.
Not 'upgrading' the sound in the A1200 might have disappointed some people, but it had one huge upside - compatibility.
But you change compatibility with leaving musician they went to systems that support multi channel and 16 bit 44,1kHz. I really missed that doing music on my A1200. On the other hand a hardware synthesizer + drum machine + effect device would make the A1200 more better.
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