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Originally Posted by wairnair View Post
I had some other glitches happening that I think are worth mentioning. Again, never seen anything like this with WHDLoad + fast ram.
  • Jumping failed once, Rygar stayed on the ground in jumping position (leg up), character animation stopped. I could still "walk" left and right, in this static pose.
  • Occassionally I couldn't hit bonus items, they were just there like background
  • Game halted once on a black screen after round 6 interlude. Music went on. Edit: I wrote "once", but I really got to this only once as round 6 is damn hard for me
  • Got this garbled screen once, game went on normally though:

Just to be clear this is on the CD32 version right?
Really odd... I probably need to tighten things up but I'm kinda still at a loss as to why the game is not loading with all the ram on a CD32.

I would really need to know how to build an ISO file to sort it, and at the moment I don't know how to do it....testing for me therefore takes a long time and would need to involve someone else.

Just so some might shed a light on the problem...

I've pretty much just used the AmigaDos OPEN,READ,CLOSE functions, Also instead of the game clearing all interrupts at the init I am enabling PORTS/Bit 3 so that files can be read from the hard drive/cdfs, the question is... is this correct?
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