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Originally Posted by Bruce Abbott View Post
I don't know about the UK, but down here in New Zealand the vast majority of all home users were rampant pirates, and the main justification for the higher price of an Amiga was all the awesome pirated games you could run on it. Why buy an A1200 when it would probably just have compatibility issues with your warez?

But for those of us who wanted more than just something to play stolen games on, the A1200 was a bargain compared to the alternatives. Full of promise, and cheaper than an A500 once you added a hard drive etc.
Can confirm, I didn't own much origional software here in New Zealand, Unless I brought it second hand.

Also the amiga magazines were very expensive once the import taxes were added. As a kid I only brought Amiga Power and then Amiga Format afterwards. I should have brought Amiga Format or Amiga Computing instead as they came with Devpac, Amos, BlitzBasic, MED, ProTracker. Oh well..
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