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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
What a load of rubbish! Civ1 AGA is still one of the best and most addictive Amiga games. In fact I've just got my six year old son into it and he absolutely loves it. When he's not playing Civ on WinUAE he's re-enacting what he did on the bedroom floor with his toys. lol. This is a kid who plays Minecraft and Roblox so it can't have aged that badly.
I don't think your son plays the game the same way an adult does. Civ 1 doesn't scale very well and is rather light on variation even in comparison with Civ 2.

To add insult to injury, the Amiga version, while it has the best music (and the AGA version probably the best graphics), is a lousy PC port, probably further hampered by shared code with the ST. It manages to be slow even on an A4000.
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