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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
What a load of rubbish! Civ1 AGA is still one of the best and most addictive Amiga games. In fact I've just got my six year old son into it and he absolutely loves it. When he's not playing Civ on WinUAE he's re-enacting what he did on the bedroom floor with his toys. lol. This is a kid who plays Minecraft and Roblox so it can't have aged that badly. Also Sensible World of Soccer and Deluxe Galaga are still personal favourites that I play often.
You should introduce your son to Worthy. My mini-Godzillas are just fan of this game (like I do ). The smallest even managed to reach level 15 so far (alone! - the strategy: no care about timer nor killing blobs if not mandatory; just go to the princess as soon as enough diamonds have been collected).
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