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Originally Posted by Futaura View Post
Well, nothing really changed in the HTML engine for this to happen (well, IB2.5 does now support #xxx colours as well as the more normal #xxxxxx, which does get rid of the yellow background as google set the background colour as #fff). Google has multiple front-ends and it has been the case for many years that spoofing as MSIE 5 is the best one for IBrowse (I added this in the default settings as a URL prefs entry for 2.5).
Originally Posted by Bruce Abbott View Post
So something did change in the HTML engine for this to happen

It may seem like an insignificant change, but that bright yellow background was very annoying. Google looks much better with the correct white background.

Meanwhile, Firefox in Linux thinks that everything should be white except for the Google logo. At least it doesn't do it on my XP machine, that just has subtly blurry text since I upgraded to 52.9.0 (last version that works in Xp). I hate PCs!
Agreed. But now that I've seen it, back to for my search engine. It's a sweet update, and I'm sure with more buying updating keys IBrowse might even do what Odyssey does...and with flash being updated, it'll be even better. I like that I can log into banking and some other things now, too.

I just wish the "insanity" of almost all Business sites are going with the horrid Windows 10 look would end. It's actually cool to not see all the backgrounds and input forms are actually visible on some Web sites.
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