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Hi, if someone is interested, I have done some more tests about TF534 and buddhaide.
My config is an A2000 6.2 recapped with all the fix done, KS3.1.4 and AmigaOS3.1.4,GVP impact II 8MB with ide2scsi adapter and CF 16GB, gotek, Indivision ecs v2, tf534 with sd2ide and SD 32GB.
Because the ide on the TF, in my case, seems not 100% reliable, I tried to put a buddha ide into that configuration, but doesn't matter the zorro slot used or if I attach a real IDE hdd or CD or a very well working (on my A1200 or aca500plus) CF, the Buddha behave in a strange way making itself useless. Of course I tested the Buddha without the TF534 and it works great, and all the ide cables, when used, are not more than 25 cm. Because some other people seems to have the buddha working and the only difference with my configuration is just that they have the KS3.1, I decided to buy one and test it. Unfortunately, whit the KS3.1, the buddha ide works but not completely. The best that I aceived is that I can use only one port with only one device attached. The CF card worked fine, the dom was able to boot, but I can't have a master slave config on even a single ide port or 2 devices (one on the primary and one on the secondary). If I put an HDD or CF on one ide port and the dom on the other ide port, They works. If I put on one port an HDD or cf or anything else and on the other (because swapping the position of the ide device nothing chage) port another device or eve just the ide cable (this is the weirdest part), the amiga doesn't boot or if it boot it can find any device. SO, with the 3.1, for some reasons beyond my understanding, the buddha works at 30%.
I like to know the experience of the other people about that.

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