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Roondar, I won't keep bickering the issue, we just disagree and that's ok

I still think if people in Europe had played more arcade/japanese shooters back at the day, people wouldn't be praising Project-X

But thats ok

But I have to reply this:

It's selection has clear weak picks too. Double is almost always a bad pick, as is rushing forcefields. It does do this better, but it's by no means perfect.
NO! Double is very useful at many spots. If we talking about the first Gradius, you can finish the game with any weapon at any point or even with no power ups at all. (Hard but its doable). But level 4 and level 7 at least are a lot easier with double and options than the laser. Double will also help a lot on the Moai level, because you can destroy the incoming fire from above. If you just have laser you have to manouver your ship a lot on that spot, with double not so much.

And about the boss appearing from nowhere... you have music changing, you have the battle that comes "before" the boss to warm you up, you know shit is coming at you. Just the change of the music already sets the tone, and on every level there's something different coming on.

I'll let you defend Project-X alright BUT DON GO ON ATTACKIN GRADIUS on my watch

I am sucker for those Konami Shmups, though I think they set the difficulty bar WAY to high with 3 and 4. And the Parodius games, oh my God, I really *LOVE* them.

I mean, damn it, go play Parodius Da! (To mention a game that it's actually older) then come back to Project-X and tell me "Oh, they are nearly as good" Come on

R-Type and Gradius are Godsends on the Shmups realms. Those games are uber-fantastic. They are huge classics with merit.
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