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Some of them have more inertia, others has less. They thought it would be fun "Oh, let's give the stronger ships more inertia so it feels like they are heavier for being more stronger" or something. But they all do, and looking at 5 seconds of this video I can see where the Inertia is.

1943 on Amiga was piss-poor for no reason. Another game the Amiga should have no trouble to do but it was really bad :/

The weakest enemies attacks you, then a little stronger, then combination, then boss, and so on.
Give me one single moment on that video where the "Combination" you mention appears. It doesn't happen. Its just "One enemy attacks" , then "Another enemy attacks" and so on. There's no rythm, no patterns, no set pieces, no flow. But checking the video I see very late on the game they actually copied the famous R-Type ring. Except here its completely boring, hehe. (I never finished Project-X exactly because I always found it boring... and yes, it's very hard, so no reason to keep trying to beat a hard game I absolutely dislike)

Oh, there's another thing that always annoyed me on Project-X that this video remembered me, and its something that happens on a lot of european games overall:

8 fucking minutes for the first level. Not even Compile who were famous for their long-ass games* and levels would make a first level in a shmup last for 8 minutes. It's just adds to the whole lack of flow of the game.

* I love Compile. Anyone who knows me knows I have nearly a devotion to their games, I have a huge appreciation for their work, even more considering the amount of stuff they released in the 80s being such a small team by then. It's amazing they could do SO MANY games and ALWAYS keep the quality high, considering how many games they were releasing at such a short time.

But fuck, their shmups could really be a little less longer. Most of their games will hit the hour mark which is very long for a shmup... and then you have stuff like Gulkave that takes around 80 minutes to be beaten with stages that are SO repetitive...

And Final Justice. The fact they actually cared to give that game an ending is hilarious. It's one those games that just keep going and you think it's never going to end, it's just procedurally creating the levels and I'm ok with that, then you beat level 99 and out of nowhere "HEY, YOU BEAT THE GAME, HERE'S AN ENDING SEQUENCE SO YOU KNOW YOU'VE BEATEN THE GAME". I guess that was more a joke from them (The first thing the end sequence says is "I GIVE UP!"), but still.... it's a trademark from them, hehe.
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