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Thanks for taking time to write so detailed post. Now I understand better your objections. As I say, I was never that much into shoot em ups, so couldn't participate in any deep comparisons between various games and systems.
However, here is some things I noticed:

- Inertia:
I never felt ship had any inertia. When I release joystick, it stops just where it is.
Maybe, since there is a 3 ships to choose from, some of them have inertia?
I don't see inertia here at all:
[ Show youtube player ]

- You want to kill all mid-bosses, because you want to get weapon upgrade, and leaving them alive reduces your chance to survive later stages of the game where more powerful guns is more then recommended.

- Not sure about level design you mentioned. Isn't most shoot em ups have the same "level design", to start with 1943. The weakest enemies attacks you, then a little stronger, then combination, then boss, and so on.
Isn't the whole point of shoot em ups to memorize attack patterns, and master the game that way?
I might be wrong, of course.

As for Apidya, I never played it, though I know about it. Looks really nice, and wlil definitely try it.
Silkworm was more like 8-bit era shooter, and I know this sounds stupid, don't get me wrong, it is still AMAZING game, and I loved to play it.
Too bad 1943 was not good port (that I also enjoyed on my C64).
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