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In the file "WHDLoad.prefs" you can find many functions such as setting the path to save, definition of a single button for everyone to exit the game and much more.

;ButtonWait ;wait for button pressed (slave must support this)
;ChipNoCache ;disable cachebility of Chip-Memory
;ConfigDelay=400 ;wait to select options in splash window (1/50 seconds)
;CoreDumpPath=T: ;path for coredump files
;DebugKey=$5b ;rawkey code to quit with coredump (debug)
;ExecuteStartup=Execute S:WHDLoad-Startup ;command to execute on WHDLoad startup
;ExecutePostDisk=Execute S:WHDLoad-PostDisk ;command to execute after accessing disk
;ExecutePreDisk=Execute S:WHDLoad-PreDisk ;command to execute before accessing disk
;ExecuteCleanup=Execute S:WHDLoad-Cleanup ;command to execute on WHDLoad exit
;Expert ;selects expert mode
;FreezeKey=$5d ;rawkey code to enter HrtMon/TK
;FullChip ;save/restore complete chip memory
;LogBuffer=$40000 ;buffer size for logging facility
;MMU ;use MMU (for 68030)
;NoAutoVec ;ignore unwanted autovector interrupts
;NoFilter ;disable audio filter
;NoFlushMem ;do not flush memory
;NoMemReverse ;do not allocate memory reverse
;NoNetwork ;do not connect to the internet
;NoWriteCache ;disable the disk write cache
;NTSC ;force NTSC video mode
;PAL ;force PAL video mode
;Preload ;try to buffer much data files on startup
;Proxy=proxyhost:3128 ;use this HTTP-proxy, [user:password@]hostname[:port]
QuitKey=$16 ;rawkey code to quit
;ReadDelay=150 ;wait after reading from disk (1/50 seconds)
;RecallAdr=$4f000000 ;memory address to store recall data
;RestartKey=$5c ;rawkey code to restart
;SavePath=SYS:WHDSaves ;base directory for all saves
;ShowRegs=SYS:Utilities/MuchMore W WL=80 WT=80 WW=582 WH=700 ;command for Show Regs
;SplashDelay=200 ;time to display splash window (1/50 seconds)
;WriteDelay=150 ;wait after saving something to disk (1/50 seconds)

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